Hip-hop/R&B artist Luv Troi followed the release of his single “ODOYK” with a music video on April 2. The track is a lead single off his upcoming mixtape MANIA, releasing April 20, and has a unique take on love and lust in a relationship. Luv Troi created “ODOYK” in May of 2020, after getting the beat from Los Angeles producer, Fletch. “I would have never guessed when making it that “ODOYK” would be a lead single for MANIA,” says Luv Troi. “I think the song gives a great sense of what the project sounds like and I think this one could easily be a fan-favorite.” After a successful release of his Valentine’s Day single “PINK,” Troi’s fans are eagerly awaiting new music.

“ODOYK” has a bright, youthful sound that perfectly fits Luv Troi’s radiant essence in the genre. The lyrics nod to the way he – and many people – tend to overindulge when they fall for someone or something. The rapper is immensely proud of the new single and the uniqueness behind it. “This is the song you play while driving home from the best date of your life,” says Luv Troi. The music video complements the song “like crazy,” according to the artist, and is bound to be a huge hit with fans.

Luv Troi is a hip-hop artist and producer from San Diego. From a young age, he felt he had a strong sense of maturity of intuition that led him to start finding his purpose in life early. Through the years, Luv Troi picked up countless instruments, attempted DJing, and even rapped as “Troi Boiii” at the age of 13 on Soundcloud. It wasn’t until high school when Troi fell in love with production and really knew music could be his platform to better society and influence others.

He studied music production for a year at ICON collective in L.A. where he started recording vocals and writing over his beats. During that time Luv released his first song called “Girl I I” in March of 2020, and has since released a handful of singles. Fans can look forward to Troi’s upcoming singles and Mixtape releasing later this year.

Cover art for “ODOYK” by Luv Troi

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