Buffalo-based multi-genre group John Daniels Band released their single “I Don’t Want To Cry” on March 31. With a smooth acoustic sound, the single’s lyrics follow the idea that relationships eventually come full circle, if we give them enough time. “Coming to the end of a relationship is the hardest thing to admit to ourselves and our own stubbornness can hinder our growth,” says John Verbocy, the bandleader. “But when you finally let go after time there is still a special bond with a lost love.” The band commonly incorporates tastes of all genres into their music. “I Don’t Want To Cry” has hints of country, folk, and rock, blended together for a casual, pleasant listen.

The band is hoping that listeners will take a moment to truly hear the messages behind the new music. After thousands of hours of work, John Daniels Band is overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to release music that has deep meaning to them and their fans. “I Don’t Want To Cry” is a tease for the band’s upcoming debut album, releasing soon. “There’s no facade. No filter. It’s authentic and passionate, unlike most of today’s commercial music,” says John Verbocy.

On the verge of great things, John Daniels Band has played their dues on the live circuit, with countless performances under their collective belts. Now, the band is recording their first album, out soon. Combining various styles, their debut will catapult them into the mainstream. You heard it here first. John Daniels Band is the brainchild of frontman and lead songwriter John Verbocy, whose raspy, warm vocals always tug on the heartstrings. John isn’t a lyricist, he’s a storyteller who weaves emotional narratives of love and love lost. “And the sun will put the moon to sleep,” he sings over an acoustic guitar. John Daniels Band is the culmination of all of John’s works as a singer and musician. He hails from Buffalo, New York

Cover art for “I Don’t Want To Cry” by John Daniels Band

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