We got “American Cash” to go around for everyone today, thanks to indie rockers Long Range Hustle. The Toronto-based outfit just released their latest single, “American Cash,” two weeks ago, the follow-up to the recently released “Comeback Kid,” with both songs set to appear on their upcoming debut album which will drop later this year. “American Cash” is, as you may have guessed, a song about money, but there’s more to it than that. It’s also about money’s absence and the struggle to realize your dreams in life when just trying to make enough money to get by is your primary concern. There’s never been so much financial uncertainty in our lifetimes, and “American Cash” acknowledges that collective unease.

Growing up in small-town Ontario, the quintet formed Long Range Hustle while still in high school. Through college and university, they made sure to spend practically every weekend performing live and writing music together. That persistence has started to really pay off, as Long Range Hustle has found their way through Canada on headlining tours, dates in the U.S., as well as opening slots for The Glorious Sons, Matt Mays, and Arkells.

In the last several years, podcasts have exploded in popularity, with (at least it seems like) every person and their grandmother having their own. The members of Long Range Hustle just happen to be avid podcast listeners so we linked up with the band recently for a Top 10 list of their current favourite podcasts.

10. 99% Invisible

Paul Brogee: “99pi is a show about how and why the modern world is shaped the way it is. Architecture, infrastructure, social policy, all of these things have rich histories that are worth exploring. 99pi features surprisingly interesting topics like the layout of Salt Lake City, the physics of reverb, space trash, and man-made lakes. It’s a show that will make you notice all of the hidden details in your city.”

9. Welcome To Night Vale

Brogee: “Somewhere in the American desert lies the small town of Night Vale. It is a bizarre, surreal place where a malevolent glowing cloud runs the PTA, a tiny civilization has blossomed in the gutters of the bowling alley, and dogs are never ever allowed in the dog park. You can keep abreast of all the comings and goings by listening to Night Vale’s favourite public access radio show Welcome to Night Vale.”

Artwork for “American Cash” by Long Range Hustle

8. Your Mom’s House Podcast

Foster: “I’ve been a mommy for years now, but this year YMH really kept it extremely high and incredibly tight during these historically low and loose times. The main mommies Tim and Christine fill my day with laughter as they share clips of the coolest guys and the kind of toks that make you say, ‘you bet I’m coming up in May!’”

7. Broken Record

Foster: “Rick Rubin and Malcolm Gladwell are incredible interviewers and talk to the best musicians and song writers on earth. The pod often lights a creative fire under me to go home and play some music. It’s an awesome resource to understand how the best approach their craft.”

6. Radiolab

Ryan Pritchard: “It’s my go-to podcast for long drives. Science is fun.”

5. Making Sense with Sam Harris

Pritchard: “Sam Harris may have one of the most soothing voices out of any host. His podcast is always thought provoking and usually inspiring.”

4. My Brother, My Brother & Me

AJ Fisico: “According to Spotify in 2020, I listened to 4,006 minutes (nearly three days) of this good, good podcast, and for good, good reasons. Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy have been handing out advice alongside their own brand of goofy, inappropriate yet innocent jokes and segments for over ten years. The “advice” podcast takes wild turns as the brothers inevitably gang up on each other or attempt to make each crack.

DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST IN PUBLIC. You will either boom with laughter or giggle like a child which will only make others jealous. So. Damn. Funny. At this point I just want to be their fourth brother. Thankfully these good boys have a plethora of other podcasts to help induct you into their family.”

Artwork for “Comeback Kid” by Long Range Hustle

3. Story Break

Fisico: “A writers room podcast where three Hollywood professionals have one hour to lay the framework for a new movie based off of a famous, forgotten or weird idea. Freddie Wong, Matt Arnold, and Will Campos have unleashed Jar Jar Binks: The Movie, Heaven Heist, Teen Bond, and many more into the world for better or worse. This podcast pulls back the curtain on good storytelling, and that in an hour, any idea could be a movie. Should any idea be a movie is still up for debate.”

2. Darkness Diaries

Brogee: “This show features investigative interviews with people involved in the hidden world of the dark net. Hacking, data breaches, cyber crime, what’s not to love?”

1. Real Dictators

Brogee: “A well written, thoroughly researched, high production-value podcast diving deep into the history of the world’s most ruthless and notorious dictators. It’s a must-listen for any history buffs out there.”


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