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The March Divide Rides a Wave of Consciousness on New Single “I Believe” [Premiere]



If you’re not yet a believer in Jared Putnam, well, you will be after you get a little more familiar with this charismatic singer-songwriter. Today, we are helping to debut his brand new single “I Believe,” a tender number that’s included on his forthcoming album cinq, which is being released tomorrow through Slow Start Records under the name The March Divide.

This is one of the most intimate songs that Putnam has ever written, one that you can tell truly comes from the heart. For him, it was conceived of in somewhat of a unique way. It was written in a stream-of-consciousness style, where the ideas just kept flowing sequentially until it was finished. As Putnam began to realize that he had something special with “I Believe,” he swore to himself not to change the words, but to commit to what was spontaneous and fulfilling. Satisfied with the results, he has pledged to work in that style more as he moves forward as a songwriter.

According to Putnam himself, he said, “I wrote ‘I Believe’ in one sitting and committed to not changing the words. I wanted to just keep whatever came out. It’s pretty satisfying to just say what you wanna say, without worrying about how cool it sounds.”

Putnam has had a long musical career going, previously with the band The Conversation, a group that received national attention in its time together. The March Divide is more of a DIY affair, with Putnam self-releasing his own singles, EPs, and albums, with very little gap in between releases. With cinq, his fifth solo album, Putnam originally intended to release it all as one full-length, but it has instead mostly been released as a series of singles, issued throughout the pandemic.

Typically a very active touring artist, Putnam was left with an abundance of time this past year which he used towards recording cinq at home. The album was mostly put together remotely, with friends contributing bass and drum parts which they recorded in their own space and then sent over to Putnam. For the unusual circumstances in which it was recorded, Putnam has really hit a homerun with cinq, as he moves forward allowing the music to guide his way.

Tour Dates:

04/23 – Tulsa, OK @ The Whittier Bar w/ Alec C. Hill
04/24 – Norman, OK @ Red Brick Bar
04/25 – San Antonio, TX @ Fralo’s
04/29 – San Antonio, TX @ Fralo’s
04/30 – San Antonio, TX @ The Point Park
05/01 – Plano, TX @ Terra Mediterranean
05/07 – Fort Worth, TX @ Aloft
05/14 – Brownsville, TX @ The Kracken Lounge
05/15 – Harlingen, TX @ Hop Shop
06/11 – Plano, TX @ Terra Mediterranean
06/26 – Plano, TX @ Terra Mediterranean
07/16 – Plano, TX @ Terra Mediterranean
07/30 – San Antonio, TX @ The Point Park
07/31 – Plano, TX @ Terra Mediterranean
10/29 – San Antonio, TX @ The Point Park

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