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Black Spiders Frontman Pete Spiby Has “Good Times” Cranking Out His Top Ten Rock Cover Songs

Having just cranked out a stomping version of The Easybeats “Good Times”, Black Spiders’ Pete Spiby picked more of his favourite rock covers.



Cover versions… Some are good. Some are not so good. One thing is true, though, and that is that everyone loves a good cover tune. Returning Brit rockers Black Spiders are no exception to the rule with the band putting their own greased-up rock n’ roll twist on The Easybeats 1968 hit “Good Times” for their new EP, Deaf Proof.

That being the case, we got Black Spiders’ frontman Pete Spiby to sift through his record collection and pick out ten of his favourite rock covers. And he’s picked some crackers!

1. “Good Times”

“A great cover of this by Jimmy Barnes and INXS, but needed the Spiders treatment to expand the full DC vibe, that was simmering in the background, courtesy of Angus and Malcolm’s (Young of AC/DC) older brother.”

2. “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers”

“Still has the boogie of ZZ Top, with the gnarl of Motörhead, all thrown together, one of the best. Could’ve been ‘Louie Louie’ as that is a belter also.”

3. “All Along The Watchtower”

“Probably one of the best cover songs that helped to change the course of rock forever and a day… Everyone wanted to be Hendrix and copied what he did, amazing.”

4. “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?”

Mark Lanegan and his undisputed heavyweight voice. If you didn’t know it was a cover, you’d swear he wrote it the night before recording it.”

5. “Live and Let Die”

“This one goes on for ages and really, why not? An epic saga retold by Guns N’ Roses, with plenty of room to showcase all the band, especially the fretwork of Slash.”

6. “You Really Got Me”

Van Halen at their very best. The riff rules on this song. The drums of Alex Van Halen and Michael Anthony on bass is just a pile-driving platform for Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth to wrestle the guitar lick and melody over the top. OTT doesn’t get any better.”

7. “Love Buzz”

Nirvana’s first single and still stands up today as a fine performance and tune. Relentless. And such a great song to dance to. It encompasses their style perfectly.”

8. “Hurt”

Johnny Cash’s version of a NIN classic, made it a classic of its own, outside of the usual genres and rightly so. It is the genius of Rick Rubin putting these cultures together, like a Big Bang!”

9. “Hallelujah”

Jeff Buckley’s beautiful voice on this is just intense. Haunting vocals and guitar work on this version. If you don’t feel his pain, you’re dead inside.”

10. “Criticise”

Pete Spiby’s solo album Failed Magician had a whole bunch of great covers, but this was the best. It’s difficult to make an Alexander O’Neal song sound like Fleetwood Mac at their best, but that’s what it is…”

Artwork for ‘Deaf Proof’ by Black Spiders

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