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Women of Rock: Suitable Miss’ Sarah Perez and Kelsey Gant Educate Us on Their Greatest Female Influences



Don’t Look Back or you might miss the rapidly emerging quintet known as Suitable Miss. The pop-punk newcomers recently released their new EP, six new songs of infectious hooks, with electronic and post-hardcore influences. “Black & White,” the latest single to come from the album is a perfect instance of their brand of high energy, brazenly catchy, relatable melodic pop-punk.

It’s all guided by the capable leading duo of Sarah Perez and Kelsey Gant, two best friends and cousins with similar musical tastes who came together to form Suitable Miss in the spring of 2019. By the following year, Perez and Gant had recruited guitarists Andrew Elofson and Noah Sauls, along with drummer Tom Hanson to form a potent quintet who wasted no time in impressing those locally in and around their native Denver, Colorado. Hooks are this outfit’s specialty, and they’re what will make you keep coming back for more and more.

With all the talent under the sun and some strong opinions when it comes to their motivations as musicians, Perez and Gant made for the perfect candidates for our latest Women of Rock. Read on as you learn about five of their most influential female artists from the past and the present.

1. Bonnie Fraser (Stand Atlantic)


“By far one of the most influential people with our sound. Bonnie being in a pop-punk band touring all over the world really gave us the encouragement to start our own band. The music scene in Denver has a real lack of women and we decided it was time to change that.”

2. Hayley Williams (Paramore)

“Of course! Pop-punk goddess! Her stage presence is so admirable and really speaks to how important body language is on the stage. Suitable Miss gets compared to Paramore a pretty big amount. We definitely get inspiration from their catchy ways of forming songs as a whole.”

3. The Aces

“This was a band that we listened to well before we formed Suitable Miss. Their groovy sound we definitely wanted to take and make our own in a few of our songs that will be coming out in our next album. Their harmonies in particular helped us with female vocals and what sounds the best.”


Artwork for ‘Don’t Look Back’ by Suitable Miss

4. Stevie Nicks

“Stevie is such a powerful performer who has made her way to be one of the most successful artists ever. She changed how women are viewed in the music industry with her feminist views and outlook on life. Her sense of style has really taught women in the industry that it is ok to be different and dress how you would like. Suitable Miss is all for being ourselves in the public eye, even if that means not meeting the normal standards.”

5. Taylor Swift (Her older material)

“Ever since we were young kids, we grew up listening to Taylor Swift. Over the years of seeing her songwriting process, it taught us how to voice our feelings into a song. Around the time of her first album, it inspired us to write our very first song. Taylor is a great example for women everywhere and we plan to do the same thing.”


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