Singer-songwriter Yaniza released the first single of her new music era entitled “i love you” on February 5. Featured on the critically acclaimed Swedish blog PopMuzik, the song describes the most intense part of having a crush. Yaniza says, “I wrote it when I was completely enamored with someone who I was pretty sure was not into me, but as the song says ‘either way I gotta say I’ve fallen’.” From happiness and excitement to a crash of unreciprocated feelings, a crush gone wrong can take people on emotional rollercoasters, and Yaniza has written about it all.

The song includes chimes and various other synthy tones that are meant to sonically represent that dreamy state one enters when crushing on someone. “All of the instruments extraneous drop out at the end when the fantasy bubble is popped and the crusher accepts the truth that they will have to settle for merely admiring from afar,” says Yaniza.

The artist admits that she goes on a similar journey every time she has a crush. Finding herself smitten once again, Yaniza embraces the daydreams and fantasies and recognizes the risk of rejection in “i love you.” The new era for Yaniza brings more vulnerability and an even deeper expression of love. “I have a lot of thoughts about love that need to come out, but I’m finally sharing these thoughts in a way that feels most authentically me,” says Yaniza.

Yaniza is a Jewish, biracial, and bilingual pop singer-songwriter from New York City! She sings in English and Spanish and usually has a huge smile on her face. Yaniza’s tunes bring joy and sunshine to their listeners through catchy lyrics over ukulele or acoustic guitar. Her self-directed music videos also captivate her audience through images of positivity and happiness.

Yaniza initially grew her fanbase by posting acoustic covers of pop songs on YouTube, which consistently garner tens of thousands of views. Her years of hard work brought her thousands of supporters across social media platforms, with over 10,000 on YouTube alone. Yaniza’s covers have gained attention from popular sites such as PopSugar and Glamour in 2020.

Cover art for “i love you” by Yaniza

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