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Watch Motenko’s Soul-Soothing Live Session Video for “Silhouette” [Premiere]



Could you use a little soul right about now? How about some feel-good vibes that will soothe your mood and give you that calming, relaxing feeling? Well, in that case, Motenko has just the right emotional medicine for you courtesy of their brand new video for “Silhouette.” The live session video offers you an up-close view of frontman Micah Motenko fully engaging with the song and hitting all of the high notes right on the bullseye.

The track is off of the group’s debut, self-titled EP, which was just released this past October. The five-song collection is a chronological narrative that was instigated by the personal and impactful heartaches of Motenko. Like so many of us, Motenko has been forced to come to terms with heartache and grief, stemming from some painful experiences like the death of some close family members and friends, in addition to a romantic breakup. All of these events combined to really floor him and writing the tunes that appear on the EP helped him in processing what was going on, and also offered him a forum to express all of the things that he couldn’t say in real life.

Describing the context in which “Silhouette” came about, Motenko said, “‘Silhouette’ was written in the middle of the night upon waking from a very intimate dream and takes the listener through the emotions I felt during that dream. In this video, we performed the song live in a single take, at the studio where we recorded the EP a few months before. We hope that the intimacy of the video helps communicate that of the song.”

With regards to the song more specifically, he added, “The song describes an intimate dream of an ex, in which the dreamer does not want to wake for fear of once-again being faced with the harsh reality of a love gone by. The subject desperately wants to stay in the dream to have one last night with the ex. Upon waking, the subject is faced with the fact that they will never experience the pure intimacy that was found in the dream.”

The Austin, Texas-based Motenko is rounded out by drummer James Gwyn, bassist Josh Flowers, and guitarist Cat Clemons III. They refer to their sound as groove-driven soul music, which blends Motown era soul and R&B with more modern influences. Thematically, the band’s music is primarily defined by love and loss that is further developed by real-life experiences. With touring not currently an option, Motenko has been primarily focused on songwriting and further developing their sound and musical skills. It’s beginning to pay dividends, as Motenko promises much more to come in the near future.

Artwork for ‘Motenko’ by Motenko