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R.R. Williams Premieres Lead Single “Tightrope” off His Album ‘Unremarkable Lives’

Heartland rocker R.R. Williams premieres his new single “Tightrope” from his upcoming Black Mesa Records album ‘Unremarkable Lives.’



R.R. Williams, photo by Kris Payne
R.R. Williams, photo by Kris Payne

Trading in your Drop-D tuned electric guitar for an acoustic is not something many musicians do, but it made perfect sense for R.R. Williams. The singer-songwriter returns today with his new single “Tightrope,” an upbeat guitar-folk singalong. It’s the first song released from his debut album, Unremarkable Lives.

We have this heartland jam to enjoy as we await the album’s release on August 9th via Black Mesa Records. It’s a drastic change of pace for an artist whose past was more focused on heavy music. Williams was previously more known for his work as part of metalcore acts. That was until he began playing bass guitar with John Moreland. He played with Moreland in both The Black Gold Band and Dust Bowl Souls, which piqued his interest in acoustic music. That led to Williams refocusing his musical vision and recalibrating his musical interests.

With a few words on “Tightrope,” R.R. Williams states:

“This is the first song I wrote for this album. This song is about reaching middle age and trying to assess the person I am, I was, and who I want to be. Trying to roll with the punches of adult life and appreciating having a partner in life that makes it all worthwhile.”

Williams’ relationship with Moreland has become pivotal to his development as an artist. For Unremarkable Lives, Moreland agreed to act as producer. It was a wise choice to heed the type of sound and songwriting style that Williams was seeking. The album was recorded at Purple Aura Studio, the professional title for Moreland’s at-home studio. The record brings together heartland rock, acoustic balladry, and country-tinged folk under one roof. The songwriting is inspired by traditional American songwriters, with lyrical themes focused on purpose, fate, destiny, and redemption. It’s working-class music from a working-class perspective.

Williams really wanted an honest approach to the songwriting, which Moreland was able to help facilitate. They’re easily relatable songs for anyone who has endured tough times, change, starting from scratch, and just grinding it out. Ultimately, the album is a lesson in living life and adjusting as necessary, something Williams knows all too well.

Unremarkable Lives Track Listing:

1. Tightrope
2. Photographs
3. The Chase
4. Tulsa
5. Storefronts
6. Last In Line
7. Your Ghost
8. Slowly Sinking
9. Unremarkable Lives

R.R. Williams ‘Unremarkable Lives’ album artwork

R.R. Williams ‘Unremarkable Lives’ album artwork