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Mr. Bungle’s “The Night They Came Home!” Halloween Livestream Hits the Mark! [Show Review]



On October 31, 2020, Mr. Bungle performed its newest album, The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo, on an isolated stage at the Eureka Main Library in Eureka, CA, to a capacity crowd of none. This show celebrates the release of their excellent Easter Bunny Demo, now properly recorded for the first time with the mighty Scott Ian (Anthrax) and Dave Lombardo (Slayer) joining original members Mike Patton, Trey Spruance, and Trevor Dunn. The new album was released the day before on Ipecac Recordings entirely produced by Mr. Bungle, recorded by Husky Höskulds at Studio 606, and mixed by Jay Ruston.

The Night They Came Home! featured some candid black and white pro-shot vignettes of band members discussing how Mr. Bungle’s new inception came to life. Neil Hamburger did a “warm-up” performance of his now legendary “I’m dying up here” stand-up comedy, and it was uncanny to see that his humour works just as awkwardly with no audience. Cut to the band members all sitting and reading in front of their library stage backdrop placed strategically in front of their satanic bunny backdrop like an oversized face-mask. Cappuccinos are served before the band launches into their kinetic performance.

Earlier this year, Mr. Bungle performed six shows in three cities, sticking to the Easter Bunny demo material for all of them, along with some covers – a format they repeated for this TNTCH streaming event. The covers performed this evening: “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” (Mr. Rogers), “Hell Awaits” (Slayer), “Summer Breeze” (Seals & Croft), “World Up My Ass” (Circle Jerks), “Habla Español O Muere” (Speak English or Die performed in Spanish – Stormtroopers Of Death), and “Loss For Words” (Corrosion of Conformity). After Dave Lombardo feigned throwing his drum sticks into the “crowd,” the band retook the stage and blasted out a killer cover of a cover of Van Halen’s “Loss of Control.” For this final track, they had Eddie Van Halen-branded guitar amps and Scott Ian playing on an Eddie signature “shark” guitar.

Peppered throughout the performance were stationary shots of a lone couch hosting their audience. TNTCH features Glenn Howerton (Dennis from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Henry Rollins, Brendon Small, David yow, Suzy Cole, King Buzzo, Josh Homme, and Brian Posehn. Eric Andre even appeared as their “emotional” fan. All one by one, all to add to the comedic effect of their being no audience for this set. Rhea Perlman narrates over “Anarchy Up Your Anus.”

Tickets for The Night They Came Home were $15 USD and remained available for 72 hours via An array of exclusive commemorative merchandise was made available for patrons, including a limited (1,000 copies) neon green vinyl Easter Bunny variant.

Mr. Bungle The Night They Came Home! Setlist:

1. Won’t You Be My Neighbour
2. Anarchy Up Your Anus
3. Raping Your Mind
4. Bungle Grind
5. Methematics/Hell Awaits/Summer Breeze
6. Eracist
7. World Up My Ass
8. Glutton For Punishment
9. Hypocrites/Habla Español O Muere
10. Spreading The Thighs of Death/Loss For Words
11. Sudden Death
12. Loss of Control

Flyer artwork for Mr. Bungle’s “The Night They Came Home” live stream