Up and coming London alternative quartet, TOVA, got all creepy and demonic for their new video for “Headcount”.

Speaking about the track, the band said: “The “Headcount” music video encapsulates the struggle of identity, of defining your illnesses and negative thoughts separately, about taking from others and acting on selfish impulse to contribute to personal gain, feeling that perhaps that will fill a void in your life, only to realise that of course, it doesn’t.”

“Personifying a feeling or an emotion as a dark and otherworldly figure, such as a Demon or a Vampire is part of the evolving story within TOVA’s inner monologue; therefore the horror aspect of the video was extremely important to us, as we needed to make sure that we visually captured the fear and turmoil that the lyrics created.”

We took the band back to their childhood asking them to pick the horror movies they wish they hadn’t watched right before going to bed.

1. E.T.

Steve: “I know this isn’t a horror, but I watched it when I was far too young and the area with all the toys where E.T. hid in that famous scene, beared an uncanny likeness to an area of my room, which shit me right up for about 3 years!”

2. I Know What You Did Last Summer

Pete: “This film is apparently the only film that’s ever haunted Pete’s dreams, and he didn’t tell us why, I don’t think we’ll ever know…”

3. The Ring

Ben: “Breaking the 4th wall in a film always scares me. That combination of the audience being involved mixed in with the fact that, once you’ve seen the tape, your days are numbered, freaks me right out. Don’t want to be worried about my phone ringing either!”

4. I’ve Been Waiting For You

Jack: “I was 11, waiting up to watch a Harry Potter Documentary. Turns out I watched the wrong channel because this god-awful film started and it turned my tiny mind into an anxious mess for about 5 years. I re-watched it recently and its such a bad film, it’s got Elliot Reid from Scrubs in it (Pre=Scrubs).”

5. The Grudge

TOVA: “Collectively we have all agreed that The Grudge isn’t one for the faint-hearted either. Also, The Black Cauldron is the most trippy and dark Disney film you’ll ever see. Its amazing, but don’t watch it with your kids!”

The band have recently been awarded an Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grant to put on a pre-recorded livestream ticketed event and cover costs for their upcoming EP Grapefruit, set for release in Autumn 2021. The pre-recorded livestream will take place on December 12th and you can help the band out by purchasing various package deals from here.

Poster for TOVA Livestream Event

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