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Album Review

Like Moths To Flames – ‘No Eternity in Gold’ [Album Review]

Ohio band Like Moths To Flames show why they’re still a force to be reckoned with on their fifth album ‘No Eternity In Gold’.



Ohio metal chaps Like Moths To Flames pack everything you could want from a modern metalcore album into their fifth offering, No Eternity In Gold. Throaty screams, crisp cleans, technical riffs and the odd breakdown or two – it’s all jammed in there. Heading towards their twentieth year as a band, they’ve delivered the kind of record that won’t surprise you but, straight from the opener, “The Anatomy of Evil,” shows you exactly why they’re still a well-respected name within the metalcore scene.

Following a familiar path throughout the album, it’s comforting to know that, from “Habitual Decline” to “Killing What’s Underneath,” No Eternity In Gold will give you a kind of warm feeling in anticipation at what you’re going to get. Their fifth full-length release throws up very few surprises throughout but, with tracks like “Fluorescent White” full of machine-gun riffing, that doesn’t really matter. After that ballbuster of a track, the atmospheric “God Complex” is one of those rare moments where the band mixes things up a little bit but, on the whole, No Eternity In Gold sticks to a tried and tested formula.

One thing No Eternity In Gold has in spades is ferocity with this musical fury matched note for note by frontman Chris Roetter’s scathing vocals. As shown on the glorious “Fluorescent White,” Like Moths To Flames are like a musical juggernaut when they hit their stride but the experienced metalcore band makes sure they have plenty more in their armoury than just vein-busting rage. In fact, a track like “A Servant of Plague” shows the full range of their talents as the metalcore stalwarts mix up stabby bursts of crunchy metal with some nice technical bits complemented by frontman Roetter switching it up between harsh screams and pristine cleans. Now, at twenty years into their career, you’d be forgiven for expecting a sound that is tired and well-worn but, moments like “A Servant of Plague” and “Demon of My Own,” prove that the guys still have plenty of creative juices left in their respective tanks.

On the whole, No Eternity In Gold is a tasty little album for all you metalcore and modern metal fans out there. Yes, other than a track or two, it is short on surprises but Like Moths To Flames head into 2021 showing that they’ve still got plenty to offer the metalcore scene. Where does the group go from here? Probably continuing along the same road they’ve travelled down for a few years now. Thankfully though, the output they’re spitting out shows there is still plenty of quality life left in these boys yet.

No Eternity In Gold Track Listing:

1. The Anatomy of Evil
2. Habitual Decline
3. Burn in Water, Drown in Flame
4. Florescent White
5. God Complex
7. Killing What’s Underneath
8. A Servant of Plague
9. Demon of My Own
10. Selective Sacrifice
11. Spiritual Eclipse

Run Time: 38:04
Release Date: October 30, 2020
Record Label: UNFD

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