You know how the saying goes… Keep “Calm” and carry on… That’s what we’re preaching today with a generous hand being lent by singer-songwriter Hunter Porter. The Southern California product has just released his brand new single that comes on the back of “Nothing Left To Lose,” his first single of the year which came out in August.

Porter is a creative young man just now beginning to kick his songwriting career into high gear. Musically, he has referred to himself as the kid in jazz class who can’t help but yearn to be in a punk rock band, something that is evident within his sound. There’s a vintage ‘80s indie rock element to his music which also leans heavily on the essentials of alternative rock with Porter fully focused on taking a large step forward in his solo career.

Summing up “Calm” and where it stands thematically, Porter stated, “You either treat all the conflicting thoughts in your head as this draining, ongoing argument, or you look at it like it’s just a party up there.”

It was only recently that Porter began to prioritize his own solo career over the music of some of the other projects he was associated with. As a musician, he has been a member of touring bands for several years now until he finally came to the realization that it was the right opportunity to make more time for his own endeavours. Since earning a Bachelor’s of Music degree in Guitar Performance in 2013, Porter has been a hired gun for other artists which not only benefitted him with all the practice time, but it also helped him situate just where he wanted to take his own music. In this time, he also came up with the idea to release a narrative fiction podcast, entirely scored by his original music. Titled New Noise: The Podcast Saving Rock N’ Roll, the podcast was published in 2018.

Now that you’ve “calmed down,” Porter will be gladly getting back to work on expanding his musical horizons to places not yet seen.

Artwork for “Calm” by Hunter Porter