Then Falls The Sky is an Ohio-based quintet who forge melodic, technical tunes in the sizzling fires of their brand of metal excellence. Groovy and frenetic, their sound is neither stale nor pioneering, but it oozes honesty and commitment with aplomb and assuredness. In conjunction with their new release – Break Free, which just dropped July 15th – Then Falls The Sky is whetting appetites with a free download of the EP’s standout track, “Blinded.”

The buzzing track scintillates with metal trademarks but also simmers cooly with a spoken-work bridge that allows the song to breathe and calmly step out of it’s more traditional framing. “Blinded” seems to hinge on the heavy double-bass action propping up the shrill lead riffage, but there’s plenty of solid stuff keeping the tune grounded, successful, and repeat-worthy.

Made up of Nick Barlage, Jacob Smith, Oney Michaels, and the sibling duo of Chad McElwee, and Amanda McElwee, Then Falls The Sky has something to be proud of with this one. Courtesy of guitarist Chad McElwee, here are some words on the song’s genesis:

“‘Blinded’ was actually written around the spoken word section of the song. I was on Facebook, and a friend was hosting a live session, ranting for almost an hour about how we all need to be more positive with ourselves and others, so immediately after the session ended I requested the use of a few samples from it. The riffs just kinda fell into place, based around a vocal idea that Nick had for the hook, and we just ran with it. Easily my favorite track off the EP.”

Artwork for ‘Break Free’ by Then Falls The Sky