The worlds of classical music, pop, and EDM rarely cross over, but they do in the wide, wonderful world of REUEL. REUEL, pronounced Ray-u-elle, is a masterfully talented pianist, capable of playing his instrument with all the grace, sophistication, and class you could ever dream of. He has just released a music video for “Amelie,” his brand new reinterpretation of the beautiful theme from the critically acclaimed 2001 French film of the same name.

While the original version was essentially just a quiet piano solo, REUEL has completely reinvented the composition, injecting it with an energetic feel that resembles an electronic house track. The video is as classy, artful and, ingenious as the theme, with REUEL showing off his incredible speed and dazzling control of the piano. With such a command of his instrument, you can’t do anything but conclude that REUEL must have some kind of god-given talent for tickling the ivories.

Commenting on his interpretation of the Amelie theme and the impressive music video, REUEL stated, “I have always appreciated (composer) Yann Tiersen’s melodic piano score for the award-winning French film Amelie and this new arrangement combines house style electronic beats with complex arrangements of the main piano theme. When filming the music video, I was fortunate enough to perform with a talented aerialist who brought the visual elements to life through beautiful stylized choreography.”

So much more than just a pianist, REUEL has become well-regarded for his years of experience in the world of classical, pop, electronic dance music, and film scoring which has helped make him the versatile artist he is today. Despite his years of hard work, REUEL was not widely discovered until 2018 when the pop world began to take notice after the release of his Classical album, a record of iconic themes from classical literature, reinterpreted for the piano. Classical featured reworked versions of such pieces as “Für Elise” and “Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-Flat Minor.” Never one to shy away from any style of music, he then released a holiday-themed album, titled First Snow, later that year. In 2019, REUEL immersed himself even further in the sphere of pop and electronic music, releasing his sixth album Transformation which combined electronic dance tracks with piano melodies, meshed together in a classical style.

Also a thrilling live performer, REUEL is looking forward to broadening his horizons even more through the rest of this year with a range of original material and re-imagined arrangements. If his previous work is any indication, then it’s for certain that whatever he creates will be just as groundbreaking as his previous output.

Artwork for “Amelie” by REUEL