We have to admit, June was a whirlwind. With everything happening in the world it seems as if June skipped right on by. Despite all that was going on, though, independent artists showed up and showed out with new releases that brought hope, peace, happiness, and influenced the conversations happening in our society today. We’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite releases from last month… just in case you missed them!

1. “Sacrifice” (Acoustic) by Oh Susanna

A haunting folk track from the Americana singer-songwriter, “Sacrifice” is a poignant reflection on giving up the things we hold dear in the name of love. Suzie Ungerleider explains – “A lover once said to me, ‘You won’t sacrifice for me.’ This declaration scared me because it made me feel like I was supposed to martyr myself in order to keep his love. I wrote the song to express those passionate feelings of wanting someone and longing for them, all the while knowing that you have to give them up for your self-preservation.”

2. “Lullaby for Lucas” by Katherine Abbott

Free-spirited folk singer Katherine Abbott released a stunning track (“Lullaby for Lucas”) about forgiveness and not being so quick to judge others. The single glows with warm guitar melodies providing the backdrop for her delicate, ethereal vocals and storytelling lyricism that is reminiscent of Joni Mitchell.

3. “Movie Kind of Timing” by Joel James

An empowering yet emotionally vulnerable track, “Movie Kind of Timing” paints the picture of a movie-like love story in the midst of COVID-19. “The inspiration comes from meeting a special someone in such a way you would only see in a film. What seemed all too perfect was turned on its head when the entire world was flipped upside down at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing that someone to fly back home prematurely, the distance ultimately ending what was a special moment,” says Joel James.

4. Kogarashi Tales by 9ToEarth

9ToEarth debuted their alternative and electronic collaboration with an EP that sees the duo mixing fragile, naked feelings with the depth and darkness of raw and mysterious sound. Inspired by the Japanese word “Kogarashi” (meaning the wind preceding the onset of winter), Kogarashi Tales showcases itself as a collection of stories that are connected and carried by that cold, windy feeling with songs that share the personal, yet universal, stories about love, loss, loneliness, dependence, and inner strength.

5. The Rabbit. The Owl. by Mighty Brother

Releasing right at the end of June (June 29th), Mighty Brother debuted an incredible double album that explores the theme of duality – both in their songwriting and sound. With many of the songs posing different perspectives to the same questions, the album traverses concepts of introversion/extroversion, light/dark, day/night, spontaneity/meticulous calculation, action/reflection, and the colloquial/poetic, ultimately challenging the listener to simultaneously both reflect on and look introspectively into one’s own conscience to understand the duality of intent and impact.


Dawn Jones is the curator of the V13 imPRESSED Column. Previously known as imPRESSED Indie Music Blog, Jones and her team joined forces with V13 in 2020 to collaborate on an exclusive column on V13's site (imPRESSED) to bring a niche focus to the rapidly evolving indie music genre. Dawn is also the founder of Pressed PR - a boutique PR agency that focuses on PR for independent creatives. Pressed PR’s team works on a variety of campaigns partnering with independent filmmakers, independent artists, and independent labels. Pressed PR’s music clientele has landed in the pages of Billboard, Atwood Magazine, EARMILK, HYPE Magazine, and many others.