Whether it’s sunny or not today in your part of the world, you’re still going to experience a ray of light courtesy of Floyd and her new music video for “Shine.” The San Francisco-based artist is delivering this one straight from the heart, a song that she wrote about feeling grateful towards those individuals in your life that have made you feel better, or improved you as a person.

The follow-up to her hit single “What Do You Say,” Floyd feels that it’s unconditional love and support that most helps us “shine” and it’s positivity that will assist us in maintaining some optimism as we move forward in life. The song is something of a change of pace for Floyd with much of her material leaning on the more melancholy, introspective side of things. As a result, she felt that it was about the right time to compose something a little more uplifting and lighthearted.

In describing the song, Floyd eloquently commented, “‘Shine’ is a love song. A song about gratitude and joy for anybody who’s experienced the kind of love in their lives that’s transformative, foundational, and inspired them to be the very best version of themselves. That kind of love is rare and priceless.”

With roots in Olympia, Washington, Floyd has been writing and performing music for over 20 years now. An intelligent, open-minded, and curious individual, Floyd describes herself as a lifelong learner, always seeking out knowledge and firm in her belief that the best relationship you can have is with yourself. Musically, she is very diverse in her approach, with a sound that exists within the realm of indie-pop and is heavily influenced by Tori Amos, U2, and Cyndi Lauper.

Combining anthemic vocal melodies and tried, tested, and true pop foundations, Floyd has become a staple of the live music scene in the Pacific Southwest, frequently playing popular venues such as San Francisco’s Red Devil Lounge, Hotel Utah and the first-ever ROCKRGRL Music Conference in Seattle. With more new songs on the way shortly, Floyd is more than happy to ride the wave of creativity and let her music take her wherever it may choose to go.

Artwork for “Shine” by Floyd