Singer-Songwriter Raye Zaragoza has reinvented the term “Fight Like A Girl” with her new song of the same name. Utilizing her music as a platform for protest and to bring attention to key issues, Zaragoza is quickly becoming the next generation’s Bob Dylan with her unapologetic – yet eloquent – lyrics. Writing about social issues comes naturally to Raye. “As a woman of color in America, social issues are things you deal with and see every day of your life,” she says. “I write about my experience and oftentimes my existence has been laced with injustice.”

“Fight Like A Girl” is about shattering the idea of what a woman can and cannot do. Featuring Zaragoza’s deep, soulful voice and poignant lyrics, “Fight Like A Girl” is an anthem to include all women and to lead the way for the next generation of feminism. Curious to hear more insight into the song, we sat down with Raye Zaragoza to learn more about her inspiration and message to fans.

What inspired “Fight Like A Girl”?

Raye Zaragoza: “I wrote this song because I wanted to write an anthem with marginalized women at the center. The voices of women of color have not historically been at the forefront of feminism, and I think 2020 is an important time to change that. I wrote this song around the time that I met Deb Haaland, one of the two first Native American women in congress. It’s women like her that remind me that women are capable of anything. I also really wanted to reclaim the term ‘fight like a girl’ as an empowering term rather than what it meant on the playground when I was a kid.”

What does it mean to you (personally) to fight like a girl?

“For me, it means to view the feminine energy within me as a strength rather than a weakness. We all have feminine energy, no matter our gender. And I feel that society has conditioned us to think that this part of us is our weakness. So ‘fighting like a girl’ to me is channeling this energy and using it to become strong, brave, and vulnerable. It also means to reclaim my voice as a woman and stand up for myself!”

Artwork for “Fight Like a Girl” by Raye Zaragoza

What’s your favorite lyrical line in the single?

“I like this question… My favorite line is the opening line of the chorus: ‘Take me to the water, take me to the snow, where all the souls of our mothers had to go.’ It’s an empowering song, but this line is very dark. It is really a tribute to all of the missing and murdered indigenous women whose bodies have been found in the water and snow. They did not survive their fight because of the devastating injustices they faced. Sometimes we have to acknowledge the dark realities of being a woman before we can move forward and empower each other, which is why I put this line here, and why I feel it is the most important line of the song.”

What has been the response from fans? What kinds of conversations have you seen this single ignite?

“The response has been very positive! So many young girls love the song and that is really heartwarming to see. So many people have been telling me that the song is ‘getting them through the quarantine’ and that really makes me tear up. It’s also been really cool to see so many men connect with the song. I’ve asked men ‘what does it mean to fight like a girl?’ and they always point out strong female role models that they’ve had in their lives.”

Share with us a personal story of when you fought like a girl.

“The first example that comes to mind is a particular march in LA during the #NoDAPL (No Dakota Access Pipeline) movement. There were a bunch of women marching at the front holding a banner that read ‘Indigenous Women Rise.’ There was something magical about marching throughout the streets holding a banner with other women. ‘Fighting Like A Girl’ is even more powerful when we stand up together!”

What do you want people to know most about you and your artistry?

“I started writing songs as a way to heal. I felt so overwhelmed with anxiety and stress from the world around me and songwriting was my way of making sense of it all. I hope my music can help put words to the fears, struggles, and uncertainties in other people’s lives. Sometimes all it takes is a song to remind us that we are not alone. And especially in these weird times, I hope my music is doing that for people. Also if you’re reading, feel free to message me anytime! (@rayezaragoza on Insta)”

What can fans expect next?

“I will be releasing a music video for ‘Fight Like A Girl’ in a few weeks! And the full album will be out later this year!”


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