Boston-formed, Las Vegas-based Crash Midnight is a stompin’ quintet combining ‘70s metal and hard rock. A living tribute to genre titans like Aerosmith and Guns N’ Roses, Crash Midnight bring heavy swaths of attitude, grit, and pageantry to their recordings and live show. March 6th featured the group’s worldwide release of their newest high-octane single, “Don’t Need Your Advice,” and these generous dudes are now offering the song as a free download.

The rollicking tune is a masterclass in feel-good rock ‘n’ roll and a welcome reminder that while stripping music of all pretensions is alienating to some, it’s generally a whole lot of fun. “Don’t Need Your Advice” kicks and grooves its way to a “Danger Zone”-esque chorus that commands you to sing along. In the song’s heart is the primal call to ignore some of the baloney opinions we are constantly bombarded with. But, you know, still listen to your local medical authorities and all that.

On the spirited track, Crash Midnight’s lead singer, Shaun Soho, gives us the skinny:

“The song came out of a certain confrontation with a deadbeat label from the UK. We had a situation where this label head was trying to tell us not to look into their bullshit expenses and ‘just trust them,’ but it really could be applied to so many of the blowhards and fakers we’ve encountered throughout our career. It always seems to be the ones that have accomplished the least who have the most to say and the most arrogance out there.

“This is, I guess, our response to those sort of people. Especially right now, there’s no end to the amount of unsolicited opinions coming at everyone on a daily basis. I don’t think you need anyone trying to give you advice on how to live your life and definitely not from somebody that doesn’t even have it together themself. None of us need that kind of shit, so they can save it because …we don’t need your advice.”

Artwork for “Don’t Need Your Advice” by Crash Midnight