We’re here to help you through your morning with the aid of our friends Paper Jackets, and their new guitar playthrough video for the single “What They Call a Life.” Lead singer James Mason invites you into his living room for this intimate new take on the band’s recently released single. The video displays Mason at his most honest and stripped-down, sitting alone at home with but a guitar. In many ways, it mirrors many of our own currently simpler lives, people sitting alone in various rooms of their abodes passing time as they see fit. Today, enjoy a bit of a reprieve from your routine as you’re invited into Mason’s home for an intimate performance.

As a song, “What They Call a Life” was influenced by Mason’s own personal experiences. It’s about maintaining strength and perseverance while keeping our friends and family close to us. Commenting on the playthrough video itself, the band offered, “We know that people are taking this time to learn new things and discover new music. Hopefully this tutorial through our new single ‘What They Call A Life’ inspires at least one person to try something a little out of their comfort zone today. We hope this brings a little joy to your day along with a fun step by step look at the song and an inside scoop from singer James Mason. Stay safe out there and keep an eye out for new music from us very soon!”

The uniqueness of this representation of “What They Call a Life” is really nothing new coming from Paper Jackets. If nothing else, the band’s sound is an inventive combination of alternative pop and rock with inspiration coming from Walk The Moon, Smallpools, CHVRCHES and Cherry Pools and more classic pop-rock acts like The Beach Boys and The Ronettes. Mason formed Paper Jackets in 2016 alongside keyboardist Emily Dickenson, guitarist Jonny Vesely, bassist Miles Franco, drummer David Allen, and second vocalist Aimee Proal. “What They Call a Life” is the first new music released from the band since last year’s Don’t Lose Your Head EP.

So, while we await normalcy to return, let’s not “lose our heads” and reflect a little on “What They Call a Life.” Sound like a plan?

Artwork “What They Call a Life” by Paper Jackets