While the world’s growing vapidity seems to be at an all-time hi, there remain a few blank brains worth knowing. Point in case, Montreal, Quebec-based quartet, Empty Minds, a unique group we’re fairly certain many of you have yet to come across. These intelligent musicians are back after a bit of a layoff, armed with their brand new single (and music video for) “You and Your Sad Songs.”

This is the band’s first new material since the release of their sophomore effort, People Are Sausages, back in November of 2017. Check out their back catalogue, and peep the new tune below, of which the guys commented, “This song was made from frustration and hate regarding a culture in which we feel the pressure to please everyone. ‘You and Your Sad Songs’ marks the beginning of a new era for the band. We’re thrilled to finally release a song that feels real.” Clearly a new beginning, and one we both applaud and welcome. Here’s to more music in the near future.

Although they formed officially in the summer of 2016, the rock/post-grunge band didn’t begin to hit their creative stride until the following year when their debut full-length, 3377, hit in April, quickly followed up by People Are Sausages in November. They continue to record and tour as much as possible but they’ve put shows on the back burner for now with the quartet due to head back to the recording studio in April. As they continue to amass a large catalogue of fan favourites, the buzz will only continue to grow within Montreal and beyond.

Artwork of ‘You and Your Sad Songs’ by Empty Minds