The indie-pop band COIN was set to perform at the House of Blues and bring in fans from all over the state of Florida. Thursday, March 12th was a confusing day for these COIN fans. As we all know, COVID-19 is making its way around the U.S., resulting in the suspensions and cancellations of concerts around the entire country. COIN fans were unsure if the band was going to cut their tour short before this gig or let the show go on.

It was announced before the performance that the opener Sure Sure would be leaving the tour early to head home and stay safe. Fortunately, COIN decided to go ahead and perform for the loyal Orlando fans. The group’s videographer, David came on stage moments before the band was about to play, to tell fans that this might be the last Dreamland show for the tour, or until further notice, and to make the best of this show. A sea of almost 2,000 people were supportive and helped light up the show despite the sad news that this might be the last show of the tour.

COIN at House of Blues (Orlando, Florida) on March 12, 2020

The band opened up with “Dreamland Sequence” and, man, were they here to have fun! COIN has amazing chemistry when they perform and this does not go unnoticed, as the fans feed off their energy. You can tell that this performance brought joy to not only the concertgoers but also to the musicians themselves. Lead singer Chase Lawrence had nothing but dance moves to light up the room, to their upbeat, cheerful music!

COIN knows how to put on a show, and make their fans feel loved while rocking out to great, catchy tunes. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, this was the last show COIN was able to perform before having to postpone the rest of their tour. Once this virus pandemic is clear and everyone is ready to rock out on stage again, make sure to catch COIN in concert, it’ll be worth your while.

Artwork for ‘Dreamland’ by Coin