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“Nothing Ever Hits (Quite Like Your Kiss)” Unless it’s CHERRY SAINTS’ Debut Single [Song Premiere]

Pucker up, baby, we’ve got some sweet sounds for ya! We’re pleased to debut the first song from talented up-and-comers Cherry Saints with the electronically-flavoured “Nothing Ever Hits (Quite Like Your Kiss).”



Well this doesn’t happen every day, does it? We’re pleased to debut the first song from talented up-and-comers Cherry Saints with their electronically flavoured “Nothing Ever Hits (Quite Like Your Kiss).” (You can pre-order the song now here.) If you like synths and you really miss the sound of ‘80s new wave then you will absolutely adore this track. We’re not being sensationalistic here either, this is a full-on ‘80s synth assault on the ears. It’s a track that’s consistent with the general sound that Cherry Saints specialize in, a group of three longtime friends with many years of well-assembled personal and musical chemistry.

The writing of “Nothing Ever Hits (Quite Like Your Kiss)” came rather quickly for the trio, as multi-instrumentalist and drummer Ty Montesa explains. “‘Nothing Ever Hits’ was a track that came together rather fast for us. As soon as the lyrics were written we already had a melody in mind. I feel like this track is a staple of what’s to come from Cherry Saints. We had fun in the studio just dancing and messing around with the ear candies and instrumentals. This track is something you can just turn up in the car and forget your worries for three minutes and even press repeat on.”

Regarding the meaning of the song, singer and lyricist Matthew Adam added, “It’s the feeling of how you had everything with someone and after breaking it off you just mull over how you might not ever feel this way again. However, it’s not true, things do take time but sometimes you have to air it out just to help get past the feeling.”

Be forewarned, “Nothing Ever Hits (Quite Like Your Kiss):”

Adam is a name that may ring a bell, for his work as one half of the Louisville, Kentucky alternative pop duo Æves. The three friends that compose Cherry Saints, rounded out by John Tolbert are your typical school pals who have been tight since the early days, bonding over endless quotes from The Simpsons.

Because they’ve spent so much time together and spent so many years together, it seamlessly transitions into their musical chemistry as you may think you’re listening to well-polished veterans of the music scene, rather than still rather fresh-faced young men who are only improving their musical abilities by the day. They are a very ambitious bunch who are determined to keep on pushing towards their goals. Isn’t it funny how bonding over TV sitcoms can not only create lasting friendships but also somehow assist in the formation of musical chemistry? Funny how this world of ours works sometimes!

Check out the artwork for “Nothing Ever Hits (Quite Like Your Kiss):”

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