Jason McMahon, a Brooklyn-based, avant-garde artist who curates experimental-folk music through a uniquely tuned acoustic guitar, is announcing his first solo album, Odd West, due out January 31st, 2020 on Shinkoyo Records. Inspired by a family reunion in his native Colorado, Jason’s mostly instrumental tunes – defined as “experimental music for family gatherings” – are dotted with stylish aural eccentricities such as footsteps as rhythm, deliberately incomprehensible vocals, and intertwined, tangled background and foreground melodies.

As a preview for the uniquely captivating record, McMahon released Odd West’s lead single, “Ambisinistrous,” on October 24th. The hypnotic track is a modal, harmonic-minor soundscape that begs repeated listens just as a languid, encapsulating dream begs you to remain sleeping. You can watch the video for “Ambisinistrous” – and get some ideas for your next sandcastle – below.

The fourteen-track album will have two more singles – “Book of Knots” and “Sunshine for Locksmith” – drop before the January 31st release date, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for McMahon’s compelling work as he gears up for his grand premiere.

Odd West Track Listing:

01. Old Career in an Old Town
02. If It Rhymes, It’s True
03. How I Became Water
04. Book of Knots
05. The Sky for Falling
06. The Ballad of Fat Lightning
07. This Is Forgetting
08. Big Earth
09. Who We Are
10. Sunshine for Locksmith
11. Oh, Moon!
12. Ambisinistrous
13. The Ways Doors Close
14. Never Stop Exploding