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Toronto, Ontario’s Feather Weight are tough to classify musically. Take for example their song “Something Else,” which we’re giving away as a free high-quality MP3 download; it’s a great tune and one that’s representative of this rock quartet’s overall sound but it mixes everything from alternative, garage, and indie rock to shoegaze, psych, and dream pop resulting in something we can can’t quite put our fingers on, but works, and works well. Intrigued? You should be. Hit play on the tune, check out these dudes, and add them to your #rockradar.

Starting as a nameless creative outlet for band founder Alistair Bundale, he was eventually joined by drummer Raymond Cara, guitarist Neil Culbert, and bassist Jordan Quinn formalizing in July 2018 the line-up that currently comprises Feather Weight. Leading with the tracks “Just Take The Pill” and “Volcano” in 2018, the foursome would release their debut Slipstreams EP just this July, on the 5th to be exact. Words aside, you can conveniently find all past music on Spotify, Apple and Bandcamp, so get clicking.

Speaking of the single which, once again, we’re stoked to be giving away for free (so get those downloads cracking and help this band climb our MP3 Charts.), the band noted:

“‘Something Else’ is about the relationship between the ‘us’ we show to the world and the ‘us’ that we don’t, and the complexities of interweaving those two worlds. Emotions and occurrences that we prefer not to deal with or those we simply cannot process get buried and bringing it to the surface can cause pain or anxiety, or sometimes joy and relief. The video uses some old clips from the ‘60s (because why not) in a dissociative way to try showcase the overall message while remaining opaque. I see the footage as a ritualistic process, trying to cross over into some other realm, representing our inner desire to attain meaning and substance and delve into the deeper subconscious of existence.”

Released on June 10th, this is the official music video for “Something Else” and it’s, er, something else:

This is the single’s dope, Jack Deferrari-created cover artwork:


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