We usually don’t bring you new music from anyone as young as 15, but we are today with the stream of the brand new EP, Unfiltered, courtesy of the very talented singer/songwriter, Gillian Heidi. Already, at such a young age, Heidi illustrates an uncanny ability to craft well-written, relatable and insightful music and lyrics.

Appealing to listeners both young and old, her songs largely focus on teenage relationships and their related feelings. And, if you’re not a teenager, the lyrics might remind you of when you were and more immersed in your own thoughts at a time you dared to express yourself in the way in which you wanted to. Prominent themes include power, vulnerability and the self-doubt that we really always feel, throughout our entire lives.

Fans and listeners may view Heidi as something of a resemblance to Colbie Caillat, Camila Cabello and the early days of Taylor Swift. It’s an odd mix of styles, genres along with some edginess and angst that just works. In her own words, Heidi said about Unfiltered; “This collection of songs are my unfiltered thoughts about the process of growing up and discovering my identity. Every song is a personal story, and I hope they bring to other people the same therapy that writing them brought to me.”

Here’s Gillian doing a live cover song performance of Billie Eilish’s “When The Party’s Over.”