We’re stoked to be bringing you the exclusive premiere of the very exciting Fredericton, New Brunswick-based band Motherhood’s newest album Dear Bongo, which is due out on March 1st through Foreward Music Group, with pre-order options in LP/CD/CASS/DIG formats, available right here.

This art-rock three-piece absolutely exudes chemistry, both in their songwriting and the way they present themselves live, on-stage. The nine tracks on Dear Bongo explore the forceful need for perfection that currently exists in what is an imperfect world, a narrative that weaves its way through the group’s signature blend of art and punk rock. Throughout the album, Motherhood demonstrate a great ability to zigzag between different stylings, from the playful lead track “Bird Chirp” to the heavier “Constanza” to the poetics found on “Hallways.”

Commenting on the record, drummer Adam Sipkema noted, “I only know our albums are any good after the memory of making them is starting to fade. Hearing the test pressings of ‘Dear Bongo,’ in my home, (that) made me realize we really have something different, maybe the best batch yet!”.

What’s all that racket being made? It’s just the band’s “Bird Chirp” video.

Motherhood tried not to confine themselves to typical sounds and ideas that already fit into their existing comfort zone. They also didn’t let the weight of wondering how every sound and riff would play live prevent them from trying new things. Dear Bongo isn’t exactly an experimental record, but it’s perhaps not what you’d completely expect either.

Commenting further, member Penelope “Penny” Stevens said:

“We tried, this time around, not to confine ourselves to sounds and ideas that already fit into our band’s identity – we didn’t so much think outside the box as we did stretch the oddly shaped Motherhood box into a different shape. We didn’t let the question of “how would we play this live?” prevent us from trying new things, and although it did bite us in the ass a little bit when it came to rehearsal, Dear Bongo, is a lot stronger because of it. For piano & synth, a lot of the pieces I wrote for the album were unplayable – too complicated for my skill level, too many layers, too tricky. I had to work really hard to make my hands catch up to my brain and heart, which made me a better player in the end. It feels cool to push yourself from the inside!”

Okay, you’ve been patient. You’ve earned it. Here’s Dear Bongo!


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