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Released only on January 24th, we’re lucky to now be offering a free high quality download of the “Siren” single from Georgia-based hard rockers Days To Come. The trio is currently hard at work on a new album and, while they are busy further developing their sound, they’ve found time to release a new song; stream it above, hit the video below, and find more music at the band’s website.

In July of 2016, Days To Come released its first EP, Subsist | The Art of Survival, which helped in getting the group out touring, mostly throughout the southeast United States. With a laser-like focus on polishing up their songwriting, not to mention perfecting their high-energy live performance, the band is always “on” and committed to touring as much as possible in order to keep growing their fanbase.

Check out the music video for “Siren” below.

All members – vocalist Justin Goodson, guitarist Brandon Rix and drummer Jalen Hall – had a comment on “Siren”…

“Our new single ‘Siren’ really encapsulates what we’re chasing with our sound. I remember working on it with Brandon and it just clicked. Blending melodic clean vocals over heavier instrumentation is what we’re going to continue to chase with future songs. I really enjoyed working on the lyrics for ‘Siren.’ It’s a theme that I seem to continue to run back to.” -Justin

“We’re always trying to expand on what the Days To Come ‘sound’ is and, when we were working on ‘Siren,’ everything fell into place. We knew that the feel of ‘Siren’ was what we were after and what we would continue to pursue in future songs.” -Brandon

“Our new single is so much fun to play live. I really enjoyed shooting the video for it. It really captures a bit of the energy we have at our shows.” -Jalen