Leicestershire rock trio Dig Lazarus are a very animated trio with their latest lyric video for “Tell Me Why.” The song has already received plays on over 100 different radio stations in the UK and beyond, including Kerrang! Radio and the BBC. This is the first new material to come from the band, as they work on their debut record and since the release of their four-track EP Outlaw last year. They were victorious in the original bands showcase in Leicester in 2015 and specialize in fast-moving, hard-hitting tracks that will make your head start banging.

Regarding the video, lead singer Ash Tustain said, “I used to go to school with (director) Josh (Rollins) and I knew I wanted him to make the video for us. The initial inspiration for the video was Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and we think Josh’s animated versions of us are spot on. We even got a cameo role for my Uncle Kim in there too! Josh is incredible and we’re really blown away by the feedback for the video and the radio plays of the single too.”

Concerning the song, the band said, “‘Tell Me Why’ is about someone losing their way; straying from the right path. It’s about not really knowing where to turn, but having someone there to look out for you and ask the questions you need to be asked.”