The Amy Lee-led American rockers Evanescence, along with Lindsey Stirling, made a stop at Toronto’s Budweiser Stage on the North American part of the “Synthesis Tour” this past Friday night.

Lindsey Stirling began the evening of music with a complete orchestra (which performed the entire evening). I was absolutely floored by this Violinist / Ballerina / Acrobat / Rockstar’s performance – she literally flew across the stage (while editing her pictures, I came across 10 in a row in which Lindsey’s feet weren’t even on the ground). Performing ballet pirouettes, and yoga or acrobatic moves in which her body bent in directions that made simultaneously cringe and marvel at “how the hell she just did that”.

This was a concert that everyone really enjoyed watching. Part of the way through her set, Lindsey Sterling had Amy Lee join her for an amazing performance of the song “Shatter Me” then, after a short intermission, it was “show time” again.

The above-mentioned Amy Lee of Evanescence appeared on stage with a Grand Piano, again the full orchestra in accompaniment. “Hello Toronto, we love you!” As this was my first time seeing Evanescence, I was so hoping that they would play my favourite tune “Bring Me To Life”… Yay!!! They played it! Part of the way through the set, Evanescence brought Lindsey Sterling back on stage to join her performing “Hi-Lo”, and again later for the encore. It was a really fun evening of incredible music in an incredible city.

Evanescence’s Setlist:

01. Overture
02. Never Go Back
03. Lacrymosa
04. End Of The Dream
05. My Heart Is Broken
06. Lithium
07. Bring Me To Life
08. Unraveling
09. Imaginary
10. Across The Universe
11. Hi-Lo
12. Lost In Paradise
13. Your Star
14. My Immortal
15. The In-Between
16. Imperfection
17. No More Tears / Alive

Evanescence display no “Imperfection” in this music video.