Norwegian black/thrash metal band The Konsortium are streaming their sophomore studio record Rogaland in full! The band features bassist Teloch (Mayhem, ex-Orcustus, ex-Gorgoroth, ex-1349) and drummer Dirge Rep (Orcustus, ex-Enslaved, ex-Aura Noir) with the band taking a more complex and technical trajectory to this record.

“This album has been a long time coming,” band founder Fredrik G. Fugelli said. “The process has been tedious and time-consuming, but in the end it has definitely been worth it. Everything clicked and fell into place; from vision to finished product, each and everyone involved has delivered their best. I feel confident that we’ve managed to define and refine the material in such a way that we ended up capturing the essence of what the album tries to convey: the timeless battle and coexistence between man and nature; the old magic and the bond that is lost in a modern and controlled world, void of spirituality. Rogaland is a strong affirmation of roots, and a damn well executed one, at that.”