Happy., the pop punk band from Columbia, South Carolina has released their lyric video for “Winona Ryder,” the band’s latest single while they work on new music.

Commenting on the track, singer and guitarist Tate Logan said, “Winona Ryder is about the infatuation that some guys have with the idea of a ‘manic pixie dream girl’ that doesn’t exist. MPDG is defined as ‘existing solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writers and directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures.’ The song is about having that desire for this imaginary person to save you from your own toxicity. It’s putting the responsibility on a partner to fix you, when in fact it is your own responsibility to become a better person. I named the song Winona Ryder because I loved her when I was younger and put her on a pedestal. I guess you could say she was my “dream girl.” But, no perfect girl, not even Winona Ryder, is going to swoop in and save you. That’s up to you. That’s your responsibility.”