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Album Review

Cavalera Conspiracy – “Psychosis” [Album Review]

Prepare to be blown away by Cavalera Conspiracy‘s latest, and perhaps greatest, record.



If you haven’t heard anything featuring Max Cavalera, you’re not listening to metal correctly. Cavalera Conspiracy is his thrash band that features elements of tribal music (as does his entire career to be fair). While I can’t tell you why it’s different from pretty much everything else he has done, I can tell you that it is highly entertaining and well worth a listen.

Psychosis is a brutal album, largely played to a blistering pace. And opener “Insane” is just that. It’s fast, heavy and hugely enjoyable. Max Cavalera has been a success in the metal scene for over thirty years for good reason. What we have here is a mad collection of brutal thrash. There are great riffs throughout, and some incredible atmospheric moments. It makes you sit up and take notice time and time again.

Take “Terror Tactics” for example. For three minutes it is a ridiculously fast thrash piece, but then it slows down, gets heavier and altogether more awesome. It’s a brilliant piece full of atmosphere, crushing riffs and incredible drumming. It’s not the only track that will surprise you. “Spectral War” is phenomenally brutal. “Hellfire” is fuzzy and carries such an old-school nu-metal vibe that it will transport you to the muddy fields of metal festivals worldwide.

Cavalera Conspiracy have put out one of the finest metal albums of the year. It’s wild, brutally heavy and full of cool atmospheric moments that cover the best of Cavalera’s storied metal career. This is a bold, exciting and magnificent album. Not to be missed!

Psychosis Track Listing:

01. Insane
02. Terror Tactics
03. Impalement Execution
04. Spectral War
05. Crom
06. Hellfire
07. Judas Pariah
08. Psychosis
09. Excruciating

Run Time: 41:10
Release Date: November 17, 2017

Watch the band’s “Insane” lyric video to get an idea about the new album’s sound.