Bands write music for various reasons – some write because they want the rockstar lifestyle, some want to sell millions of records, some, like Citizen, write music from the heart as you can undoubtedly hear from listening to the beautifully emotional sounds of the quintet’s third album As You Please.

Having been peddling their sounds since 2009, the quintet have take a dash of emo, a splash of punk and a smattering of influence from the indie rock scene and mixed it all together with a good dose of honesty. Now, when I say the word emo, I can already imagine some of you are shuddering at the thought of something akin to My Chemical Romance but, fear not, this is emo in the proper sense of the word. Citizen create a sound that is, for the most part, gentle and heartwarming but, as demonstrated on tracks like “Ugly Luck”, can still switch it up a bit and, when coupled with the melodic, delicious vocals of frontman Mat Kerekes, you end up with an album that you will instantly fall in love with.

As You Please is an album that fans of the band will take to their hearts straightaway. It’s the kind of album you can easily lose yourself in and one we can’t recommend highly enough if you’re a fan of honest, passionate music.

As You Please Track Listing:

01. Jet
02. In The Middle Of It All
03. As You Please
04. Medicine
05. Ugly Luck
06. World
07. Fever Days
08. Control
09. Discreet Routine
10. I Forgive No One
11. You Are A Star
12. Flowerchild

Run Time: 48:19
Release Date: October 06, 2017

Check out the track “Jet”


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