Nothing More have revealed their latest track “Let ’em Burn” off their impending global released album The Stories We Tell Ourselves. Seamlessly alternating between aggression and anthemic pop, “Let ’em Burn” is the third song released from the album, after “Don’t Stop” and “Go To War.” This album is the follow up to their 2014 self-titled release and sets the bar even higher for cutting-edge rock n’ roll.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves Track Listing:

01. (Ambition; Destruction)
02. Do You Really Want It
03. (Convict; Divide)
04. Let ’em Burn
05. Ripping Me Apart
06. Don’t Stop
07. Funny Little Creatures
08. (React; Respond)
09. The Great Divorce
10. Still In Love
11. (Alone; Together)
12. Go To War
13. Just Say When
14. (Accept; Disconnect)
15. Who We Are
16. Tunnels
17. (End; Begin)
18. FadeInFadeOut