This two-piece has some serious style and sounds to go with their thunderous metal. Holy crap, if they could fool you into believing they’re a four-piece, don’t feel duped; simply marvel at the sheer magnificence of their single “The Sun”. Any of the important ingredients for a successful heavy metal track are present: power, grace, melody, spirit, and energy. I feel hyped up after listening to this song, like I should be at a show somewhere!

The backside of this thundering 7” is “Hangman”. Taken from their self-titled debut, the live version is an excellent representation of the group’s energy. Although the mix was recorded a wee bit on the low-side, the spirit of the band (at Psycho Las Vegas where this was taken), sings volumes to their songwriting potential (where in this particular case, less does more).

I kinda feel a bit pissed off that this is it; that is until they can gather another album’s worth of tracks to just amaze us with. For now, hang on for dear life, they have returned and are ready to grab the world within their maw and shake things loose.

The Sun Track Listing:

01. The Sun
02. Hangman (Live)

Run Time: 11:23
Release Date: July 3, 2017

Check out the song “The Sun”