Friday the 13th in Toronto, what better way to spend it than partying with Reel Big Fish and the “Turn The Radio Off” 20th Anniversary Tour at The Phoenix? Celebrating the momentous occasion by playing the entire classic album back to back, The Phoenix’s first concert of the year was totally sold out with the line up of fans eager to get in stretching all the way around the block.

After four opening acts warmed the capacity crowd to a punk rock kinda sweat, Reel Big Fish exploded onto the stage with their Californian Ska/Rock extravaganza. This 6-piece band was all over the stage; a very entertaining presence and incredible to watch… and at the same time difficult to focus a camera because there was just so much action.

Stage movement aside, Reel Big Fish did a phenomenal job and not a single concert-goer should have left less than thrilled with the night’s event.