I find it hard to believe that after more than 25 years, Grim Reaper, a band that I would consider to be one of the better acts of the NWOBHM, is back with a brand new studio album. Any spike-wearing metal head who was around during the ’80s will surely concur that both “See You In Hell” and “Fear No Evil” were in regular rotation on their turntables back in the day. These guys embodied what the NWOBHM was about yet somehow got buried amongst the flood of other bands jumping on the bandwagon, and never really got the attention they deserved.

Fast forward all these years and Grim Reaper has just completed work on their newest offering, Walking In The Shadows, a record that continues where 1988’s Rock You In Hell left off. There is a very different musical climate in the metal world these days and this record stands out as both a refreshing jolt of metal and a tad bit of a throwback to where it all started.

“Wings Of Angels” gets things rolling and for the remainder of the record the listener is compelled to bang their heads and raise their fists to extremely solid classic metal tunes. Crazy as it may sound, Steve Grimmet’s vocals sound as though they could have been ripped straight from one of the earlier albums three decades ago; the dude still has a killer set of pipes!

If you are a fan of Grim Reaper you will want to give this one a spin, it is remarkable how good they still sound. If you are not familiar with the band, I think this is a perfect place to become acquainted with some good, old school metal.

Walking In The Shadows Track Listing:

01. Wings Of Angels
02. Walking In The Shadows
03. Reach Out
04. I’m Coming For You
05. From Hell
06. Call Me In The Morning
07. Rock Will Never Die
08. Temptation
09. Thunder
10. Now You See Me
11. Blue Murder
12. Come Hell Or High Water

Run Time 50:29
Release Date: September 23, 2016

Check out the track “Walking In The Shadows”