When I first sat down to Hamilton’s putrid creation Dead Tired, I was confident I was listening to something that sounded bizarrely familiar. Of course, I immediately chalked it up to the 80’s hardcore revival vibe that permeated everything on the album, from the guitar tone to draino vocals and frantic drumming, a stripped down approach that summoned memories of early LP’s and adolescent years.

Which should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with George’s previous work, the lead singer of Alexisonfire. What is surprising is how stripped down and lo-fi the recordings are in the face of that fact. The kick in the pants of the EP comes from its unbridled hatred and filthiness, and this is good.

This is a clear no-brainer for anyone who is looking for a new feel-bad band for the winter. It’s unchecked cynicism in the lyrics and scathing vocal delivery make for a welcome bedfellow to tight musicianship from both rhythm and tone sections of the band, who consistently make choices. Which isn’t a hard thing to do on an 8-minute long EP. Here’s hoping these guys have more to follow, and quickly.

Vol. One EP Track Listing:

01. The Prowler
02. Can’t Shut It Off
03. Music Enthusiast Blues

Run Time: 7:55
Release Date: September 15, 2016

Check out the track “Can’t Shut It Off” here