The Scandinavian five piece heavy rock act known as Brutus are back with their latest slab of ’70s retro rock for Svart Records entitled Wandering Blind. If you are a fan of bluesy hard rock then this is a must hear for any fan of Led Zeppelin, Wolfmother, Grand Funk Railroad, Black Sabbath, and Blue Cheer.

The band knows their classic rock influence and, with lead singer Jokke Stenby’s high pitched, Ozzy styled wailing like a young singer in Black Sabbath, songs like “Drowning”, “Axe Man” and “The Killer” will appeal to any fan of vintage heavy music. Other cuts on the album slow things down to a bluesier feel while other songs remind you of glory days of Led Zeppelin’s studio energy.

Wandering Blind has an urgent, raw, and potent feel to it making for an even more enjoyable listen. In a nutshell Wandering Blind is going to rock you like a mutha and Brutus are your man!

Wandering Blind Track Listing:

01. Wandering Blind
02. Drowning
03. Axe Man
04. Whirlwind of Madness
05. The Killer
06. Blind Village
07. Creepin
08. My Lonely Room
09. Living in a Daze

Release Date: May 20, 2016
Run Time: 46:26

Check out the track “Drowning” here.