Binary Code, the New Jersey-based progressive metal band, released their highly-anticipated 9-track album, Moonsblood, on May 24, 2016 (stream or purchase a copy RIGHT HERE). The follow-up to 2009’s acclaimed release, Suspension of Disbelief, features new singer Oded Weinstock and delivers a totally new sound including impressive technicality, engaging vocal hooks, gigantic riffs and beautiful atmospheric tapestries. Serious stuff aside, we connected with guitarist Jesse Zuretti for this awesome TOP 10 list of his favorite comedians to listen to when on the road.

01. Doug Stanhope
Hands down the only comedian who I think sees life nearly identical to how I see it. Whenever we jam Stanhope on rides to and from shows, we end up all feeling dead inside but happy from it.

02. Sarah Silverman
Sarah Silverman taught us the correct way to say, “Pussy”. You have to stick your tongue out and say it as sleazy as possible. If you’re going to say it at all, that is.

03. Anthony Jeselnik
Anthony Jeselnik has the best delivery in comedy, in my opinion. You’re hearing the bit and you feel you know where it’s going, until it doesn’t, ever. And then you belly laugh like a moron.

04. Bill Burr
Bill Burr sounds like my angry uncle who hates everyone in the family. He loves pitbull rescues and hates procreation. My kind of guy.

05. Maria Bamford
Her impersonation of Paula Deen committing suicide is HILARIOUS. She also does the best Australian impersonation. I love her insanity-twist on comedy. Though I think it’s just who she is.

06. Louis CK
Some guy is going to read this and say, “Lous CK should be #1!” Fuck you, that guy. Louis rips, but he’ll even admit that Stanhope is king.

07. David Cross
One of the politically-oriented comedians that doesn’t make me cringe with over-liberalizing things. Mr Show with Bob & David is still one of my favorite shows in existence, and this man is the reason why.

08. John Mulaney
I like John Mulaney as a storyteller maybe just as much if not more than any on this list. Except Doug Stanhope.

09. Chad Daniels
This guy is relatively unknown. He has a Dad kind of vibe to his stories, but they go south quickly. His delivery is also incredibly sharp and well-formulated.

10. Dave Attell
I’m leaving Dave Attell for last because he makes me cringe soooooo much. But in a good way. His most recent releases are so dark and disgusting. I think it’s good to challenge yourself with defeating the cringe you get from this guy.

Check out the song “Moonsblood”


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