Fixed Hinge / Fontana North

By Erin Donnelly

Canadian singer-songwriter Jim Bryson released his fifth album, Somewhere We Will Find Our Place, on February 19th.  Bryson, who is based in Ottawa, has worked with many other Canadian artists such as Kathleen Edwards, The Weakerthans, and The Tragically Hip. When listening to his songs, you can hear how important Canada is to him, and he isn’t afraid to be honest about his feelings towards Canada’s social issues.

The third song on the album, “Stuck in the Middle”, contains poignant lyrics. The two lines in it that stood out to me were “This land, it is not our land. The truth lies there in the soil under tar sands.”  This obvious reference to current social matters makes it obvious that he is concerned about Canadian issues and people.

The sixth track, titled “Ontario”, stood out the most to me. In this he sings about the scenery and landscape of Ontario. He writes more about the infrastructure in Ontario, and stresses how the importance of appreciating the beautiful nature within the province.

Bryson has done a great job connecting with his listeners. He focuses on issues or subject matter that almost any Canadian listener is able to relate to or understand. Between his in-depth lyrics and beautiful guitar melodies, the album gives insight to Bryson’s inner thoughts and emotions

If you want to listen to these songs and many more fantastic pieces, don’t forget to checkout Jim Bryson’s new album Somewhere We Will Find Our Place. He will also be performing two shows in Toronto at The Burdock on February 25th.