By: Kat Harlton

Ian La Rue brings us Heartbeat City and their debut album Thunder Amongst Us. Set for release this coming Friday, August 7th, Thunder Amongst Us is a compilation of 10 tracks that explore societal issues and the plethora of emotions that come with them.

Using their folk/rock sound as a base, La Rue along with Louis Leveques Cote and Nick Krueger manage to find and sustain that common thread of consciousness that binds us all.
La Rue, a veteran of the Winnipeg music scene, continues to push and evolve his songwriting and sound in order to find ways to express himself differently than in his previous work. One of my favorite tracks is Lighthouse.  Upbeat and energetic, it features strong acoustic guitar accompanied by drum and La Rue’s distinctive vocals.

I also really enjoy Walker, it manages to tread that fine line of being instrumentally stripped down while allowing for the fullness of the vocals to be the focal point.

This album has got depth, sincerity and, overall, everything you’d expect from artists of this caliber. Thunder Amongst Us is a wonderful piece of work, and I definitely recommend you give it a listen when it comes out.