Review by Vanessa Markov
Photo by Gideon Greenbaum-Shinder

I’m just gonna say it: Xprime are the best live vocal act I’ve ever seen, both with and without instruments.

Actually, when I randomly met them nearly two years ago, I thought they were just that – a singing quartet. It’s because we were both invited to an NXNE party and someone had spontaneously asked them to perform. They didn’t have instruments with them, so they sang.

It was the most awesome thing I’d ever heard, and for once I’m actually using that word in proper context! I mean, you hear those mesmerizing harmonies on old records and see them in old movies, but how often do you actually fall upon it live, within your own community? Right?

So after the audience of party guests begs and cheers for more songs all night long, these four guys mention they are in an actual full rock band, and I vow to see them in full setup.

Fast forward two years, to last Thursday night. (Timing, life, etc..)

I finally got to see the Niagara-based band at the Toronto release party for their newest album, PM, which is pretty much pop rock perfection from every angle. One of the most difficult things to pull off in danceable rock is coming up with something familiar and catchy enough to be a hit, but different enough to make the band stand out. Xprime pulls this off beautifully with PM (which you can stream for free on their website), particularly the first two tracks, “All to Myself” and “Ambedo”.

But its also hard to really hear or even believe the level of vocal talent on this album until you hear it live.

And that’s when it hits you.

First song, and the energy is instantly established…

The next few songs reveal the band has not one, but FOUR lead singers, and the harmonies have you hooked…

By the fifth song – as if it could get any better – a harmonica makes a cameo, then half the band switches instruments…

And by the time they start singing in perfect f**king French…am I making my point?

Xprime is only a few days into their lengthy Ontario tour, check the schedule to find out when they’re coming to your town.