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Hyperia Deliver ‘The Serpent’s Cycle’ to Their Home Crowd at The Wyse Hall [Photos]

Hyperia hit The Wyse Hall, located in Vancouver, BC, for the live release of their newest album, The Serpent’s Cycle,’ and the energy was palpable.



Hyperia on Dec 15, 2023, photo by Randy Romero
Hyperia on Dec 15, 2023, photo by Randy Romero

On December 15th, 2023, The Wyse Hall, located in Vancouver, BC, was transformed into a chaotic and electrifying battleground as Hyperia unleashed an unforgettable spectacle at the release show for their new album, The Serpent’s Cycle. From the very beginning, the energy was palpable, setting the stage for an evening of musical mayhem and intense emotions.

Kicking off the night were the opening acts Stone Spear, Medevil, and W.M.D, each contributing to the sonic journey that would culminate in Hyperia’s explosive performance. These bands skillfully paved the way for the headliners, setting up an atmosphere charged with anticipation. The crowd, a diverse sea of eager fans, responded with enthusiasm to the unique blend of aggressiveness and melodic vocals that characterized Marlee’s stage presence.

The mosh pits and crowd surfers were not just physical expressions of excitement but tangible manifestations of the profound impact Hyperia’s music had on their devoted fans that unforgettable night in Vancouver.