CDC’s new EP End, is the band’s first new release since 2009. Between the beats, slowed down “talking” parts, and the vocals across the EP, CDC’s New York style hardcore is full of nods to hip-hop. That said, with its heavy breakdowns, End is also a throwback to classic hardcore.

The new 5-song EP is full of anger and hate, indicated not only by the lyrics, but also by the thrashing symbols and chugging guitar and bass lines. It’s hip-hop meets hardcore kind of angry, and that is a whole new kind of mad! Moreover, End has everything you need to get a mosh pit going; there are parts perfect for circle pit forming, throwing down, maybe even get a little two-step in there, maybe.

Each song on the album blends seamlessly into the next, making for one hell of an awesome listening experience. It’s the kind of album you throw on and listen to 5 times without realizing it. If Throwdown’s cover of “Baby God Back” was your thing, this album will thrill you, it’s that on the next level.

Track Listing:

01. End
02. Degeneration
03. Dying Legend
04. Eyes and Teeth
05. Temple

Run Time: 13:40
Release Date: February 17, 2015

Check out the album ‘End’ here.