From Watford, UK comes what has to be the most blatant, in-your-face, and utterly chaotic record of 2014. I was first introduced to The Hell when their unapologetic single, “It’s The Motherfucking Hell (You Dick),” went viral and offended music fans everywhere, all the while capturing the forsaken hearts of deranged listeners like myself. These British bros are back at it with their second album Groovehammer, a compilation of quick, aggressive, tongue-in-cheek hardcore anthems. The Hell clearly does not take themselves very seriously, but in all seriousness—you probably should. This is about to either be your new favorite band, or your new favorite band to hate.

The album kicks off with the relentlessly catchy track, “Take Me Out”, featuring a riff so bouncy, you’ll be headbanging within seconds of pushing play. With two gnarly vocalists, The Hell has double to ability to assault every listener verbally and emotionally while still leaving you blushing with a goofy smile slapped across your face. A prime example is their song “We Love Dicks”—literally a song about how much they adore the male anatomy which is still heavy enough to incite a killer mosh pit.

In the true spirit of hardcore, this band does not care what you think and their music is just so provocative, and easy to let loose to for that reason. The Hell is a full out assault on the senses, in the best possible way. I honestly cannot wait till these guys take on the U.S. and I get to see them live. This band is a mosher’s paradise, and if you are still not convinced, blast the track “Bangers and Mosh” – it shows off their talent as musicians while still kicking your ass harder than most bands of this genre could ever hope to.

Track Listing:

01. Take Me Out
02. Old Jacks, New Jacks
03. Groovehammer
04. Everybody Dies
05. Bangers & Mosh
06. We Love Dicks
07. Deal With It
08. Check This Out
09. Speed Shit Up
10. We Handle Shit
11. Battleship
12. Snakes
13. I’ll Snap Your F***ing Head Clean Off (Plus Top Secret Track)

Run Time: 33:03
Release Date: July 8, 2014

Check out the song “Everybody Dies”