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“Imprisoned (Shadows Past)” is our latest free song download and this one comes by way of Turin five-piece, Amaze Knight. Guitarist Christian Dimasi and drummer Michele Scotti met in November 2010 and through their mutual passion for music, Amaze Knight was born. This love of music is what has made Dimasi and Scotti truly want to work and create together, along with their strong will to create and experiment without any preconceptions. Shortly after Dimasi and Scotti met, this small musical project turned into a rock band when singer Fabrizio Aseglio and bass guitarist Matteo Cerantola joined up. While all of the band members come from different musical backgrounds, their affinity is perfect and is what has driven Amaze Knight forward thus far.

Amaze Knight started composing their first songs with the primary aim of touching the listener and taking them to a place where melody and aggressiveness find balance and a place to meet. This was the perspective taken during the recording of the band’s first record The Key and it ended up working very well with their collaboration with engineer and producer Roberto Maccagno. The result of their work is a concept record describing emotions, experiences and considerations through a common story which bounds one song to the other. The sounds are varied and unpredictable created by the many musical influences each member brings to the table.