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If you’re not familiar with the genre called “electrometal jazzcore,” then what the hell is wrong with you? Numbers is a Seattle band that believe it or not actually doesn’t wear plaid shirts and try to look exactly like Kurt Cobain. Instead they pride themselves on what they refer to as “genre-mashing” which has helped them to stand out in the metal community. Numbers’ members all have diverse musical talents with backgrounds in classical, R&B, funk, jazz, rock and most of all, videogame. Back in 2011, vocalist Kyle Bishop posted some self-produced demos which captured the attention of drummer Victor Olavarria and guitarist Justin Lambert. Quickly realizing that they didn’t want to be one of those crappy hipster bands who wear matching colours and outfits and think they’re too good for a bass guitar, Victor rang up his college friend Ryan Majoris who flew from New Jersey to join the group.

In mid-2012, shortly after the lineup was intact, Numbers released a self-titled EP. Since forming, the group has been the epitome of DIY, producing their own videos, studio updates and using the internet to its full promotional potential. This attitude has helped them stay connected with their fans which has helped them in not releasing crap that no one wants to hear. Numbers were proud to release their debut full-length album Three earlier this year which is ready and waiting to smack you upside the head. Numbers is ready for you so really, what are you waiting for?