Multi-metal is the term the band Norrsköld uses to describe their particular brand of extreme music, and after a listen through, I believe that is the perfect description. I like that Norrsköld does not pigeonhole itself into one particular genre and their latest release, Blessings of Winter, is a terrific fusion of folk music, melodic metal and black metal.

Alexander Wik Fridén’s hauntingly desperate wails are clearly black metal vocals but the melodic, progressive elements woven into each track suggest something a bit different. I feel Blessings Of Winter has a lot to offer extreme metal fans including tons of great harmonic, dual guitar parts, and a bass line that is clear and audible (something not typical from a black metal record).

A solid metal record, Blessings Of Winter has recently been made available in physical copies and if you are a fan of extreme metal, I would suggest picking up this powerful, gloomy and compelling CD.

Track Listing:

01. Night Crystals
02. Dreamless
03. Blessings Of Winter
04. Dead Meadows
05. Solar Prominence
06. Where Death Smites

Run Time: 26:59
Release Date: April 17, 2013

Check out the song “Dreamless”